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Kiln Space!
No upcoming events at the moment

Kiln Hire

Kiln Hire

Currently UNAVAILABLE, sorry

Have you been creating in clay at home and all you need is the chance to fire your work? Then get in touch to drop off your work and I can fire it for you, bisque, earthenware and stoneware temperatures all possible.

Minimum fee £10, full kiln £40, part loads calculated accordingly.


Clay at Home Packs

Air Dry Clay Pack

Air Dry Clay Pack

Everything you need to get creative with clay from home. Posted in durable packaging.

Studio white clay pack contents

Earthenware Clay Pack

This pack includes firing of your pots at Cáit's studio. Posted in durable packaging.


Spare Clay

Want to top up your clay supplies to keep creating? Posted in durable packaging.

Pottery tips

Common pottery problems and their solutions

Problem 1: Rim too thin and wide

Problem 2: Base too thick

Problem 3: Slumping form

Problem 4: Surface cracks

Problem 5: Thin areas of clay

Problem 6: Uneven pot rim

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