Large Bottle Kiln Vase

Large Bottle Kiln Vase


These decorative vases are handcrafted in white earthenware and finished with subtle oxides and a clear glaze. 


Inspired by the iconic bottle kilns of Stoke, they are perfect for displaying flower arrangements or as objects of display.


Each one has its own unique character with varying size, shape and colour hues - see approximate dimensions and pictures.


Approx Width - 12.5cm

Approx Height - 19cm

  • My pieces are created from my studio at 'The Base', in Berkshire. (Or from under the stairs of my home during Covid-19 lockdown!) They are crafted by hand on a potters' wheel or constructed using hand-rolled sheets of clay. I enjoy adding minimal oxide decoration to help highlight the marks and natural surface created during the making process.


    Once thrown or built, each piece is left to slightly dry, and then carefully refined with a range of tools. After a 'bisque-fire' oxides are applied with calligraphy brushes and sponges, then dipped in a clear glaze before a second firing. From beginning to end it can take at least a couple of weeks to complete a single object. Ceramics is an elemental labour of love turning mud and fire into unique pieces for your home.


    These pieces are handcrafted and in order to preserve them at their best I recommend washing by hand and not in the dishwasher.